Massage and Its Many Benefits

When Should You Go For A Deep Tissue Massage?

Most folks love to treat themselves to a massage once in a while. But do you know that your deep tissues need massaging? Well, a deep-tissue massage is ideal when your body is facing injuries and muscle strains. But what are the signs that your body requires a deep tissue massage? Read on to find out!

Stiff Muscles 

Most athletes and people who like to work out will experience muscle stiffness from time to time. In most cases, the muscles become stiff when you become physically inactive for weeks or months. Your muscles can also stiffen when you change your exercise routine or after intense workout sessions. So, if you have been experiencing muscle stiffness, consider a deep-tissue massage service. 

You Are Sleep Deprived

Sleep deprivation is another sign that your body can benefit from a deep tissue massage. But how can massage promote better sleep? A deep tissue massage helps you relax, lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. Moreover, the massage can also increase serotonin levels which directly affects the production of melatonin. And as you know, high melatonin levels should help you get enough sleep. The relaxation effect of a deep tissue massage and increased melatonin should solve your insomnia problem. 

Back and Neck Pain

Both neck and back pain can be a problem if they keep recurring. They'll greatly affect your quality of life. Unfortunately, you can't rely on pain meds to solve the issue. You should try physical therapy to solve back and neck pain. A deep tissue massage and chiropractic treatment should do the trick in most cases. 

Your Body Feels Tired 

It's normal to feel tired after engaging in strenuous activities. But if your body always feels tired, then you have a problem. Unfortunately, the feeling won't go away even after sleeping. Therefore, you'll need physical therapy to get rid of the feeling. Experts recommend a deep tissue massage therapy session to help your muscles and body relax. Your body should feel relaxed at the end of a deep tissue massage session.

Muscle Soreness

Athletes will always experience muscle soreness after intense workouts. Unfortunately, sore muscles may interfere with your workout routine. Therefore, you'll need to fasten your recovery before the next workout session. 

Luckily, a deep tissue massage session can help your body recover in time for the next session. So, if you have been experiencing muscle soreness, don't hesitate to see a professional masseuse. Deep tissue massage sessions can also help people with severe headaches or anyone recovering from sports-related injuries.