Massage and Its Many Benefits

Caring for Yourself After a Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massages help relieve swollen lymphatic glands and reduce pain. The procedure can be self-administered, but it is a lot easier and more relaxing for you if you let a professional massage therapist do this. After the massage, it's time to take it easy because you want to give your body time to recover more and more, especially as the therapy starts to work.

Increase Water, Reduce Caffeine, Eliminate Alcohol

You need your body to function as well as it can after the massage so that the effects of the massage can settle in, so to speak. That means staying hydrated and calm, so drink more water — have a bottle or glass with you and sip constantly for more consistent hydration — and reduce the amount of caffeine you have. If you are craving tea, for example, have herbal, white, or green tea instead of black. Also, don't drink alcohol for the time being as that can be very dehydrating.

Try to Stay in Moderate Temperatures

The seasons and weather are going to happen no matter what your health status is, so if you have a lymphatic massage done in the summer, for example, you're going to walk out to your car in hot weather. But try to get somewhere moderately cool soon after, such as using the air conditioner in your car and then your home. You don't want to spend much time in hot environments after the massage, and that means using air conditioning, avoiding hot showers, and more. The heat can create inflammation and aggravate existing inflammation.

Dealing with Minor Side Effects

Most of the time, the only effects you need to deal with after a lymphatic massage are either no effects, since the treatment can take time, or good effects, as the treatment has started working. Rarely, though, you can have some minor side effects like a headache or nausea. If you have these, just rest; during the session, you may want to ask the therapist what the best remedy would be if you experience these. Depending on your health status, you might not be able to take conventional painkillers like ibuprofen for a headache.

Lymphatic massages can work very well, but you must give them time, and you must take care of yourself after the massage. You don't want to ruin the therapist's work accidentally. Schedule your massage for a day and time when you are able to rest afterward in a comfortable area.